Ed Sheeran's New ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Castle on the Hill’ BREAK Spotify!

Yahoo! NZ

After an entire year of being away from the spotlight, Ed Sheeran is starting 2017 off with a bang, and hit songs. On new music Friday January 6th, Ed released ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Caste on the Hill’ which finished the weekend as the number 1 and 2 songs on Spotify’s global top 50 list, racking up about 25 million streams between the two of them. But we aren’t the only ones pumped about it. Taylor Swift posted to Instagram “oh my god its happening! everybody stay calm!” as she posted a screen shot of Shape of You. Fun fact: When Ed was writing the song he actually had another singer in mind other than himself to record the song. It was Rihanna! He thought she would sound great on it, which she totally would. Ed was the #1 listened to artist on Spotify, topping The Weeknd and Drake. While there is no release date yet for the new album that follows Plus and Multiply, we do know that the new album will be called Divide -- what that will signify, we'll have to wait and see. As for Ed's reaction to all the positive feedback of his new records? He posted to insta "truly overwhelmed with the reaction to these new songs. What is your favorite Ed Sheeran song! Let us know in the comments below!