Edwina B wanted a smaller diamond!

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Edwina Bartholomew was beyond thrilled when her partner Neil Varcoe popped the question last week, and she happily said a resounding "Yes".

The only thing was, the ring he presented her with was significantly bigger and blingier than the one she'd had her eye on.

Edwina was expecting something quite a bit smaller than this. Source: Instagram

“I chose one that was a lot smaller and then he quite literally accidentally got the one that was a lot bigger,” Edwina told the Daily Telegraph.

Hilariously, the Sunrise presenter was so stuck on the ring she'd been thinking of, she got her new fiancé to traipse back to Fairfax & Roberts jewellers with her to see if they'd do a swap.

“We actually went to the store and I tried to make him take it back, and they don’t take refunds," Edwina said.

“So I’m stuck with this rather large, amazingly gorgeous, gigantic diamond ring,” she laughed.

Edwina had kept fans in the dark for a fortnight after the proposal while she and Neil let it all sink in.

Taking to Instagram, the 33-year-old television star wrote: "On this day, two wonderful weeks ago, the love of my life @neilwrites asked me to be his wife. And I said... umm.... ahh... let me have a think... just kidding... YES. We are over the moon xx (sic)".

Edwina revealing her engagement news on Instagram. Source: Instagram

The happy news came after the couple have been dating for six years, and Edwina recently shared somewhat unconventional way she manages to keep the spark alive with long-term love.

Despite being together for six years, Edwina said the best thing she and Neil did for their relationship involved the bedroom, but it's not what you might think!

"Probably the secret to our relationship is we sleep apart. During the week, he sleeps in one room, I sleep in the other," Edwina told Mamamia podcast I Don't Know How She Does It.

She went on to explain the decision for separate rooms was made so they wouldn't end up resenting each other.

Edwina shared this photo of the couple when announcing her engagement on Thursday evening. Source: Instagram

"For the first two years I would wake him up every morning at 3am and let’s be honest, nothing exciting is happening between a couple at 3am when one is going to work and one person is trying to sleep," she added.

"So we just kind of decided that that was the best solution for us to be able to function as a couple because we just stared to resent each other in terms of he could just never go back to sleep, we were both tired and then it was just a total disaster.

"So that’s been one of the secrets for us. I guess date night comes on the weekends when we can actually spend time together and sleep in the same bed. That sounds more racy than it was intended to be."

Edwina also gushed about her beau, calling him "the most patient" person she knows, praising his understanding of the nature of her work with the breakfast program.

The couple have been together for six years. Source: Instagram
Eddie said during the week they sleep in separate beds and that was their secret! Source: Instagram

“He’s just amazingly patient. The most patient, the most wonderful person I know. He is so understanding of me needing to be in 50 places at once, of not always putting family and our relationship first."

Edwina also didn't shy away from talking about the harder times of their relationship, recalling how her irregular schedule took its toll.

"He did say something to me a few years ago that really stuck with me, and this was at a particularly low point where I’d be away all the time and I’d come home on a Friday and fall asleep on the couch, rinse and repeat on Saturday. And he said ‘It would be nice if you saved some smiles for home.’ And my little heart just broke.

"I went, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so right'. You expend all this energy at work, and you forget sometimes that the people around you have stood by you and been with you all of this time. They’re the most important thing. So that was a real wake-up call for us."

While the couple relish their one-on-one time together, Edwina said the time they spent apart while she was on the road presenting Sunrise weather for three years helped make their relationship stronger.

"I can honestly say that time apart just made us so much better. The time that we had, it stopped being about who took out the garbage, or who did or didn’t do the washing. It was just about spending those quality weekends having quality time together. So that really changed things for us," she told the podcast.

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She said the move helped make their relationship stronger. Source: Instagram
Keeping the romance alive! Source: Instagram

And while she admitted that their date nights are very "unromantic", the couple do have one special tradition to show each other they care.

"We set up a notice board in our kitchen so that when I leave for work I leave him a note, and when I wake up, there’s something there. It can’t be a chore, it has to be something nice."

"One time we had a big fight at night and the next morning he wrote, ‘I love you even when I hate you'. But he’s truly patient and I wouldn’t have been able to do the job that I’ve done, for as long as I’ve done, without him there."

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