Elephant Charges at Cyclist for Reasons That Will Warm Your Heart

Leah Cohen

While it may appear alarming a giant elephant is charging straight for the man on the bicycle, the video reveals something truly amazing

The matriarch elephant from Gorumara National Park, India, threw itself towards to the cyclist for reasons that will warm your heart.

The elephant runs towards the cyclist to scare him off. Photo: YouTube

She didn’t want to harm the man at all, all she wanted to do was warn him that he was too close to her herd that was hiding in the bushes waiting to cross the road safely.

The smart creature was doing what any parent would have done before crossing the road with their children, made sure the road was clear of any danger first.

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The adult elephant was spotted clearing the road in West Bengal so that its family could safely cross the street that's normally bustling with cars.

It just so happened that the elephant surprised an unsuspecting cyclist in the process.

The elephant waits until the cars stop. Photo: YouTube

The cyclist rides off while cars in background slow down, as they see the majestic animal blocking their way.

The elephant then senses the all clear and returns to the side of the road. Suddenly, out pop an incredible four more elephants!

The herd burst out from under the greenery. Photo: YouTube
The family safely crosses the road, thanks to mum. Photo: YouTube

Two babies, one teen and another adult elephant burst through the trees and out onto the road in a close nit group.

What a moment that would have been to experience!