Elephant 'kisses' body of friend

It seems elephants are more like us than we realise – they grieve their dead and rock back and forth during tragedy.

An elephant was filmed gently stroking a deceased member of the herd with its trunk as others stood guard from lurking predators.

It is believed the giant animal was put down by rangers at Chobe National Park, Botswana, after breaking its leg.

The herd of elephants refused to leave the deceased animal's side as one member said its goodbyes. Source: Storyful

Travel company, Tracking the Wild, filmed the sad commemoration of the passing, which has gone viral online.

In the video, the herd refuses to leave the dead animal's side as one of them gently "kisses" the elephant by flaring its nostrils and moving its trunk across the body.

The elephant

Shortly after, the carcass was spotted by hyenas, jackals and a pack of lions, Mail Online reports.

Even though they have different death rituals to us, elephants still have their own unique and "generalised response" to the dead, the BBC reports.


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