Elisabeth Moss apparently 'left the room' when Leah Remini won TCA award

Rebekah Scanlan

Actress Leah Remini won a Television Critics Association award for her A&E docuseries, Scientology and The Aftermath.

And it seems lifelong Scientology follower Elisabeth Moss, wasn't very happy with the news.

Leah Remini won a TCA Award for her reality series, investigating the Scientology Church. Source: Getty

Both women were at the Beverly Hills awards ceremony on Saturday night, where a fellow attendee of the glizy bash tweeted that Elisabeth had walked out during Leah's acceptance speech.

Elisabeth Moss was rumoured to have made a stand against Leah's work against Scientology. Source: Getty

According to the insider, lifelong Scientology member Elisabeth Moss "left the room" while Leah Remini accepted her TCA award for her groundbreaking reality show investigating the cult-like Church.

Leah was a follower of the religion, that is popular with celebrities, for 34 years before leaving in bitter circumstances.

Her book detailed what life inside the 'cult' is really like. Source: Getty

She's since gone on to write a tell-all book on her time with the group and produce the hugely successful documentary series, which details persoanal experiences of former members.

Elisabeth Moss, whose show The Handmaid's Tale took home two gongs, is a quiet supporter of the church having been a member since birth.

The Handmaid's Tale took home two awards. Source: Getty

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Fans have taken to social media to comment on the "irony" of the fact that Elizabeth stars in a fictional show about religious oppression.

This tweet sums up most people's reaction to the news.

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