Ellen transforms herself into J.Lo's understudy

Rebekah Scanlan

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her hilarous sketches.

But surprising Jennifer Lopez backstage in a replica of THAT famous green dress, has got to be one of her funniest yet.

Jennifer looked shocked by Ellen's choice in outfit. Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

In a segment for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the talkshow host arrives at the popstar's dressing room ahead of one of her Las Vegas residency perfromances, and announces she's there as her backup.

"I'm here to be your understudy!" the time Emmy winner says, pointing to the plunging green dress. "Are you wearing this tonight?"

It seems as though Ellen has borrowed the outfit without asking. Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

However the On The Floor singer doesn't look too impressed with Ellen's efforts.

"We don't really do understudies," the 48-year-old says, with a confused face. "It would be hard for somebody else to come in and make believe that they were Jennifer Lopez."

J.Lo doesn't seem convinced by the need of an understudy. Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The five minute sketch continues on a hilarous rollercoaster of Ellen trying to convince the superstar she needs her.

She even sings scales in a bid to impress J.Lo ahead of her All I Have performance.

J.Lo wore the infamous plunging green design to the Grammys in 2000 and it's become one of the most iconic images from her career.

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This was one of the most Googled images of the time. Source: Getty

Sadly, it doesn't look like Ellen will be appearing on stage in place of Jennifer anytime soon.

But we can totally imagine.

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