Ellie Goulding said she would strip for selfie

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Ellie Goulding would "maybe" post a naked selfie.

The Burn hitmaker has defended Kim Kardashian West's recent raunchy nude Twitter post, insisting the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star should be "proud" of her body and admitted she would consider doing the same because she works hard for her figure.

Ellie Goulding is proud of her body and would

She said, "If I did a naked selfie, it would be because I worked very hard for my body. I train every day. I could eat better, I could drink less but mostly I train very hard.

"Kim should be proud of her body, it's f***ing amazing. There should be no rules as to what we should or shouldn't post.

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"[Would I do one?] Maybe. If I want to post a semi-naked selfie, I bloody will. Whether or not anyone wants to see it is a different matter..."

Ellie regularly posts about her fitness on Instagram, and though she thinks it puts some followers off her, she hopes they inspire other people.

The singer hopes to inspire others to love their bodies. Photo: Getty Images

She told heat magazine: "I genuinely think people unfollow me because of the fitness stuff.

"But I post it for the people that want to see it and are inspired. God, I don't look attractive when I'm doing burpees or punching - you can see every single wobble.

"I don't post it because I look hot, I like inspiring women to be strong."