Elton John's hilarious Carpool Karaoke

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Adele recently helped take Late Night With James Corden‘s “Carpool Karaoke” feature to charismatic new heights.

WATCH: Adele is the Queen of Carpool Karaoke
WATCH: Chris Martin hitches a ride on Carpool Karaoke

Her segment ended up being one of the most viral late-night clips in years. Subsequently, Chris Martin popped in for his own session while pretending to catch a ride to the Super Bowl, where he played second (and third) fiddle to Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

Following the Super Bowl, Corden aired an episode that featured him hopping into a car with Elton John.

Well, it’s not every day that one does karaoke with a legend, so Corden was ecstatic for the duration. Likewise, Elton was quite the sport for an artist who’s so rock solid that no promotion is necessary.

The hilarious pair mid-song. Source: YouTube

Yet these two guys sang greatest hits while chatting about Elton’s musical roots and tendency towards excess. Fun was had by all.

Naturally, the two men belted out classics such as Tiny Dancer and I’m Still Standing, but the (indisputable) best part of the segment was Crocodile Rock.

This looks like pretty much the raddest car ride ever. Source: YouTube
'The Circle of Life' never looked so ... strange. Source: YouTube

John and Corden whipped out the feather boas and wacky glasses to have a blast with the “lala laaaaala la la laaaa lala la la la lala laaaaala” lines.

The madness didn’t end there, for the duo continued to mine more gems from the Elton vault.

Watching this segment may make you feel as young as Elton claims to feel.

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