Em's working mum rant hits 1.4m views

Allison Yee

It’s the searingly honest four-minute tirade against those who judge working mothers and say they should put their family first, and radio host Em Rusciano’s rant has clearly struck a chord with Aussie women everywhere.

The 2Day FM breakfast host took aim at a newspaper column titled 'Don’t let your career make you a bad mother' last week, and after posting it to her Facebook page, has been overwhelmed by an incredible response that’s seen it viewed 1.4 million times.

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“The support you've shown me and each other has filled my heart to bursting point,” Em wrote on Facebook. “Mothering has become an elite sport and you're all killing it.”

The mum-of-two took to Facebook to thank everyone for all the support. Photo: Facebook/EmRuscianoOfficial

Em took to the airwaves last week to hit out at the opinion piece targeting mums who work.

“Miranda Devine wrote a column called: ‘Don't let you career make you a bad mother’ in which she basically said that women who care about their jobs are selfish, she says motherhood is under fire and that the pay gap isn't real oh and women are preferring to selfishly work and then HAVE IVF BY CHOICE. I had some things to say about that...” Em wrote on her Facebook.

The radio host's furious comeback to a column targeting working mums has gone viral. Photo: Facebook/EmRuscianoOfficial

In her furious response, Em reveals she was warned not to say anything “because the person who I’m saying it about is very litigious and very wealthy” but the mum-of-two couldn’t hold her tongue.

Becoming increasingly angry and almost driven to tears, Em describes how working is not a choice for many mums.

Em has two daughters, Marchella and Odette, with her husband Scott. Photo: Instagram/emrusciano

“With the prices of today, it means we need double income sources. Mums have to work, and look, if I could buy my house for $2.50, maybe I could afford to loosen up my workload and make daisy chains with the kids but that’s not how it is,” she says.

Not only that, but in a world where women enjoy doing what they do, Em is adamant that having to put her career on a backburner sends the wrong message to her daughters, Marchella, 15, and 10-year-old Odette.

The successful radio host admits she wants her daughters to look up to her when it comes to having a successful career. Photo: Instagram/emrusciano

“There is nothing wrong with mothers putting themselves first because that makes them better mothers,” says Em.

“I want my daughters to dream big and have adventures in life so it’s really important for them to have some role modeling on that front.”

Last month, Em secured the much-coveted breakfast radio position with partner Harley Breen, interviewing celebs such as Ed Sheeran. Photo: Instagram/emharleyshow

Oh, and another good point - why do mums always cop it?

“Do dads even exists?” raged Em. “You know, sometimes and most times, there’s another parent there that can take responsibility, and where are the ‘Working fathers are bad dads columns’, Miranda?”

Keep fighting the good fight, Em.

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