Outrage over Emily Ratajkowski's ‘misinformed’ hair campaign

Danielle Fowler

Emily Ratajkowski is renowned for her feminist stance but the model has come under fire over a recent hair advertisement.

Last night, the 26-year-old announced that she has teamed up with hair brand Kérastase Paris via Instagram. And it was her ‘misinformed’ caption which left fans questioning her feminist views.

Below a snap of the model’s campaign, Ratajkowski wrote: “Hair is a fundamental part of beauty, femininity, and identity”. And her comments left followers questioning the notion that hair is quintessential in the name of beauty and femininity.

Emily Ratajkowski has been slammed for her Instagram caption on her new hair campaign. Photo: Supplied

In response, many Instagram users took to the social media platform to call out her ‘shortsighted caption’.

One follower commented: “This caption is quite tasteless & shallow. hair does NOT define a woman’s beauty, femininity or identity.. what about cancer patients? Some of the STRONGEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL women on this earth fighting for THEIR LIVES. Do you really think such a trivial thing of hair is MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIVING?”

While another took to the social media platform to write, “How is it fundamental to a woman’s beauty?? What about my girls suffering from cancer?? Do you think they even had a choice about losing their hair? Does that make them less beautiful because they’re lacking a “fundamental” part of beauty?? Ignorant and hurtful caption. Think about how your words affect other people before you put it on the internet.”

And the model faced further backlash for her feminist stance, as one follower commented: “You are everything going backwards for femininity. Please don’t say you’re a feminist or activist. You’re nothing but a joke and entertainment for men.”

The star wore black to the Golden Globes afterparty in support of victims of sexual assault. Photo: Getty Images

In response to the backlash, Ratajkowski later edited the caption which now reads: “So excited to announce that I am the new face of @kerastase_official ! Welcome good hair days! Shot by @inezandvinoodh ✨ #Kerastase#KerastaseClub #sponsored”

But fans were further disappointed by the lack of an apology as one user wrote, “Just changing your caption is NOT good enough. You need to apologise for your ignorance and insensitivity.”

The Kérastase Paris ad marks the model’s first ever beauty campaign.

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