Fitspo model shows off post-holiday belly 'rolls'

Sarah Carty

A fitness blogger has shared an honest account of her post-holiday body, after being overseas for over a month.

Health and Fitness guru, Emily Skye, is known for getting real about her body on her Instagram page, something her 1.9 million followers applaud her for.

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And now she’s shared a picture of what her body looked like both before and after her holiday, claiming that “perfection” doesn’t actually exist.

Fitness model Emily Skye shared this photo pre and post holiday. Photo: Instagram
The stunner has nearly two million followers online. Photo: Instagram

“Sometimes I look like the pic on the left, sometimes times I look like the pic on the right. - I don't always have abs or look lean and I'm never "perfect",” Skye wrote alongside the two images of her in a yellow bikini.

She went on to claim that one was take pre-holiday and another when she got home, explaining that she didn’t restrict what she ate overseas.

“I ate what I wanted and enjoyed it,” she wrote.

“I also gained a bit of extra body fat which isn't a big deal because my lifestyle nowadays isn't about restricting myself & I like it that way.

“Life isn't perfect and neither are we. I love myself no matter how I look and it's this self love that motivates me to make changes in my life so I can feel my best.”

Skye went on to ask her followers what they think perfection really is and if it even exsts?

Just last month she posted this

“I used to beat myself up for not being perfect (whatever that is). I'd actually feel like my "worth" was less if I didn't look a certain way,” she wrote.

“My goal at one stage was to get rid of my belly fat so that when I sat I'd have no "rolls" - now I see how ridiculous and superficial I was being.

“Yes there's no denying, I like to look good, as most people do but it's not healthy when it becomes an obsession and your "self worth" is attached to your appearance.”

The stunning blogger went on to claim that photographs you see in magazine are “not healthy” or “realistic” and it won’t do her followers any good to keep comparing themselves to these images.

Just one month ago the fitspo posted a similar photo to her account with a lean photo of her on the left side and a “bloated” one on the right.
“On the left is my belly when I'm not bloated & standing with a "tight tummy" or what I call "good posture”,” she wrote.

She's known for talking about body insecurities online. Photo: Instagram

“On the right is my tummy VERY bloated after eating dessert last night!”

She again reiterated to her followers that she is by no means perfect and claimed she has “stretch marks, cellulite and pimples”.

“I'm nowhere near perfect.. and that's fine by me,” she wrote.

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