Woman claims Nando's chicken was maggot infested

Aletha Wilkinson

Nando's fast-food chain has apologised to a customer who claims one of its Newcastle outlets served her maggot-infested chicken.

Emy Wamboi was at Nando's Kotara in NSW, halfway through enjoying a meal of barbecued chicken with her seven-year-old son, when she noticed something moving on the surface of the cooked bird.

"My son was very hungry," Emy told ABC News.

"He is seven years old so he was like, 'Oh, let me have that chicken'. So I just looked at the chicken and I saw some maggots running around."

Emy Wamboi glanced down at her meal to realise – it was moving. Source: Facebook/Emy Wamboi

Emy took a video of the incident and returned the food for a full refund, however she has been unable to face eating chicken since.

Nando's has released a statement that Emy had received an apology as well as her money back.

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Inside the green circle can be seen the wriggling maggots. Source: Facebook/Emy Wamboi

"Nando's has done a thorough investigation of this issue and found the Kotara restaurant has followed all the correct cooking and hygiene procedures," a spokeswoman said.

"Our chicken is made to order and a fly or maggots could not have survived the cooking process, which includes placing the chicken on a grill with an operating surface temperature of over 350 degrees [Celsius].

"As the restaurant is open to the environment, and the maggots were found on the skin of the chicken, we believe this incident is the result of an airborne fly landing on the chicken in the short period of time between when it was plated and subsequently discovered by the customer at her table."

But Emy isn't buying it, with the mum of one posting a frustrated message to Nando's on her Facebook page.

Emy isn't happy with the explanation Nando's gave her. Source: Facebook/Emy Wamboi

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