Ex-Model Pierre Sutcliffe playing to win record-breaking $500,000

Ex-Model Pierre Sutcliffe playing to win record-breaking $500,000

Ex-Model Pierre Sutcliffe playing to win record-breaking $500,000

The founding member of 1980s pop band The Models, Pierre Sutcliffe, is set to play for a record-breaking $500,000 on Million Dollar Minute.

Pierre Sutcliffe, aka Pierre Voltaire, will be the first contestant to play for half a million dollars on Seven’s new quiz show after succeeding at the $300,000 jackpot and electing to continue on the show.

The former rocker, a 55-year-old father of five from Bayside Melbourne, is now just one step away from playing for the ultimate jackpot: $1,000,000.

The stakes have never been higher – and there is no turning back.

Pierre Sutcliffe shows off his lucky socks as he prepares to battle for the chance to win $1,000,000 on Millon Dollar Minute. Photo: Seven Network.

Having decided against taking the $300,000, Sutcliffe will leave the show with the ‘safety net’ jackpot of $75,000 if he’s defeated by a new opponent.

But should he succeed at his next Million Dollar Minute, he will face the most nerve-wracking dilemma of all: to pocket $500,000 or chase the magical $1 million.

Sutcliffe was the original singer and bass guitarist for The Models, forming the band in 1978 alongside Sean Kelly, Johnny Crash and Ash Wednesday and even giving the band its name. He left after six months – before The Models enjoyed their chart-busting success with hits like ‘Out of Mind, Out of Sight’.

But having missed his chance for fame, Sutcliffe, who runs the Kelly Sports franchise which encourages school kids to participate in sport, says he now wants to make history as the first million-dollar contestant.

Founding member of The Models Pierre Sutcliffe with Million Dollar Minute host Simon Reeves. Photo: Seven Network.

He attributes his incredible general knowledge to an insatiable appetite for reading newspapers and books. “As a kid I would come home and just read the newspaper…there is not a day in my life I have not read a newspaper,” he said.

He says the secret to his success on the show is his pair of “lucky socks”, bought for him by his daughter.

Could you have the answer to the million-dollar question? Find out at 5:30pm on Channel 7.