We test Hundred Handed's Aussie knowledge

Australia, meet Hundred Handed (aka Jordan McGraw - the son of TV psychologist Dr. Phil- Drew Langan and Matt Black), your new pop rock obsession.

We test Hundred Handed's Aussie knowledge

We test Hundred Handed's Aussie knowledge

The boys, who reveal they are on a mission "to just have fun" while making music, are in town to promote their latest single, She Was The One and their brand new EP, Like It's Saturday, and are also self-confessed lovers of all things Aussie.

Do you like Australia? Here, let us test you on your knowledge...Photo: Yahoo7 Entertainment

So, naturally, Yahoo7 Entertainment decided to test the guys on just how much they know about our sunburnt country.

Unfortunately, things didn't start off well for the band, as they stumbled on the very first question: Who is Australia's prime minister?

Luckily, they were happy to offer us an alternative leader.

The face you make when you have no idea who the Aussie prime minister is... Photo: Yahoo7 Entertainment

"Margot Robbie?" suggested Jordan.

"Yeah, she should be," said Drew, with Matt quickly sharing that he "would vote for her" is she was up for election.

Watch our interview with Hundred Handed above to see how they fared with the rest of our Aussie quiz questions, including a discussion on how to pronounce the name of Australia's largest flightless bird (because #whynot).

The band also gave us an exclusive live performance of their latest single, which has us all searching high and low for an elusive 'Violent Crumble'-flavoured lip gloss. Yum.

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