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'Modern Family' star Sofia leaves little to the imagination in her photo shoot for the Mexican version of the men's magazine.

Showing her sexiness has versatility, in one picture Sofia poses braless in a sheer white top. In another she's wrapped only in some silky sheets. And in yet another photo, she's wrapped in only a fur stole (wearing heels of course). Who knew one person could be capable of so many different semi-naked sexy poses?
Joking aside, Sofia, 39, spoke to GQ Mexico about being a sex symbol at nearly 40-years-old: "I'm included in the lists of the best butt or breasts with [actresses] like Megan Fox [or] Mila Kunis who are 20 years younger than me. That's a great satisfaction."
Sofia also discussed her famous Spanish accent, synonymous with her character Gloria on TV show 'Modern Family'.

"At the beginning, here in America, I tried to correct my accent. Now I don't care, I speak with a Spanish accent, people laugh... I have fun."

And fun she does appear to be having. We're pretty sure plenty of men around the world will be thanking her for all that fun.

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