The Hangover star was coy in revealing why he had been so reluctant to take his shirt off when Ellen asked during a previous appearance on the show and confessed that he had a 'disgusting' secret.

Bradley Cooper unbuttons his shirt to reveal his secret. Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

"You asked me before but I didn't want to reveal too much ... I'll show you why," Cooper explained before removing his shirt to reveal a third nipple.

The audience hollered in delight at the actor's revelation, but he wasn't done just yet with his confession.

Bradley Cooper's 'third' nipple. Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Rolling up his shirtsleeve the actor seemed reluctant before exposing yet another nipple, "I have a fourth. It's so sick" he explained.

Cooper reveals a 'nipple' on his forearm. Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

And still he wasn't done. In a final coup Cooper revealed a fifth nipple on his calf.

And another.... Cooper's fifth 'nipple'. Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Sadly though the star might not be able to fall back on a career as a carnival sideshow, it turns out the nipples were all part of one of Ellen's practical jokes on her audience.

Bradley Cooper appeared on the show promoting his latest film the Silver Linings Playbook. The former Sexiest Man Alive is currently romantically involved with actress Zoe Saldana.

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