Octomom at the Playhouse Gentlemen's Club last year.
Octomom at the Playhouse Gentlemen's Club last year.

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While last year's clothing-free endeavours were aimed at digging the mother of 14 (all via IVF) out of her financial woes [read: [bankruptcy], this year's ditching of the threads is to settle a lawsuit.

Octo originally started negotiations to strip in July last year with T's Lounge in Florida, but reneged on the gig and ended up dropping trou (or leather skirt and bra as the case may have been) at Playhouse Gentlemen's Club instead.

T's Lounge were unhappy with this turn of events (i.e. they sued Octo for breach of contract and the like), and have now secured Octomom's stripping services from February 14-16 -- that's right, the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day.

Word on the street is that Octo won't be dishing out any lap dances, but if you're lucky she may just shake your cocktail as she's rumoured to be tending bar.

GALLERY: Inside Octomom's foreclosed La Habra home.
And just in case you were curious, last year Octo also turned her hand to porn (solo-only thank you very much), auctioned herself off on an online dating site and joined a D-List celebrity hotline among other things previously in a bid to pay off her debtors.

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