Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram
Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

In a moment you may (or may not) have been waiting for, Kim Kardashian is now -- surprise surprise -- flaunting her newly popped baby belly.

The reality TV star took to Instagram, posting a photo of herself and her sister Khloe in a photoshoot.

Khloe is playfully lifting a piece of fabric from Kim's dress to reveal the burgeoning baby belly, while the pair are holding old school phone handsets (y'know, those clunky things from back in the day that were attached to a phone base and key pad before mobile phones came along).

Kim wrote alongside the picture: "Well hello there! #PoppedOuttaNowhere!!!"

Kim's confirmed rumours that she was expecting a baby with boyfriend Kanye West over the New Year, after Kanye referred to her as his "baby mama" at one of his live shows.

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In other Kim K news, Kim and sister Kourtney appeared on talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier in the week to discuss, well, baby clothes.

Host Jimmy broached the question of Kim's unborn child wearing hand-me-downs from sister Kourtney's kids. The response? Well, it was to be expected.

"If anyone knows Kanye, they just know how into fashion he is and I think he's going to have things, like, specially made," Kim told Jimmy. She continued: "So I don't think hand-me-downs are going to work. I think it has to be, like, just really fun stuff."

Sounds like another cushy upbringing to us!

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