Brad Pitt rescues girl from being crushed by crowd

As if we needed another reason to love Brad Pitt!

Brad Pitt rescues girl from being crushed

Brad Pitt rescues girl from being crushed

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The actor has come to the rescue of a young girl at risk of being crushed by a crowd of fans in Spain.

Brad looks incredibly worried as he chats to the young girl over the fence. Source: Splash

The 52-year-old actor had been taking a break from filming hit World War II movie Allied when he spotted the girl being pushed up against a fence by a number of other fans.

The actor asks the men around him to help lift the young girl over the barrier. Source: Splash

In video of the incident Brad smiles and pats the girl’s head before appearing to ask the security around him to give her a hand.

He then helps lift the little girl over the barrier.

Brad then took some time to pat the girl's head and comfort her before help arrived. Source: Splash

It’s understood the actor stayed and comforted the girl until a medical team arrived.

What a guy!

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