Selena Gomez pinched a fan's phone to FaceTime

Look out, Selenators attending Selena Gomez's 'Revival' tour...

Selena Gomez pinched a fan's phone to Facetime

Selena Gomez pinched a fan's phone to Facetime

If the singer busts you FaceTiming during her songs she will take your phone away ... and possibly put a large dent in your data plan!

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Selena was on stage Washington, D.C. at the weekend when she noticed a fan in the front row on FaceTime.

Being the incredibly cute diva she is, Selena whisked the phone on stage to have a quick chat with the person on the other end.

Selena Facetiming on a fan's phone. Photo: Hadidmez Twitter

"Did you guys not buy a ticket or..." she said while holding the phone up in front of thousands of people.

Sel was in great spirits the entire night and killed her performances - maybe it's because her ex Justin Bieber just refollowed her on Instagram?

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