Aussie dreams: Farnsy's ARIA comeback

What a way to round off the night!

John Farnham sings 'You're The Voice' at the ARIAs

John Farnham sings 'You're The Voice' at the ARIAs

John Farnham hit the stage to sing the unofficial Australian anthem You’re The Voice - and his legendary vocals didn’t disappoint.

John Farnham sings 'You're The Voice' at the ARIAs. Source: Getty

Everyone in the crowd went wild - and from the look on the multiple retiree's face, he was loving every minute of it.

Farnsy has been touring with Olivia Newton-John and the pair have a Christmas album coming out, so we can only hope that this track is on it!

John Farnham wowed the ARIA crowd. Source: Getty

John Farnham. Source: Getty

The Veronicas - Lisa and Jess Origliasso - had introduced John, 67, to the stage, but their first performance didn’t go too well.

The girls opened the show, dressed in red body paint, to perform their song In My Blood.

After their number, Jimmy Barnes came onto the stage to present the award for Best Rock Album, when Richard Wilkins ran up to him and abruptly stopped him.

“Sorry, there was a technical glitch,” he told the audience. “The girls couldn’t hear themselves, they’re going to perform their song again.”

And after keeping the audience waiting for a couple of minutes, the singing twins then came back out to take to the stage again.

The sisters insisted on performing their track twice. Source: Getty

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“This was incredibly brave of the ARIAs to invite us here tonight,” the girls, who were hosting the event, later told the audience.

“We’re the loose cannons of the industry, little unpredictable and slightly unprofessional at times. We promise to be on our best behaviour.”

Source: Getty

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