Guy turns into Mariah

Filipino actor and blogger Paolo Ballesteros has transformed himself into Mariah Carey and it's eerie how much he looks like the superstar!

Sharing his transformation to Instagram, Paolo's resemblance to the 46-year-old is uncanny thanks to the blonde wig and smokey eyeliner. He even went as far to add Mariah's beauty spot!

Paolo as Mariah. Source: Instagram

It isn't the first time the model has shown off his incredible ability to morph into a celebrity, having also nailed Lady Gaga and Julia Roberts impersonations.

Last year Paolo also shared a photo of himself transforming himself into incoming First Lady Melania Trump.

He also recently dressed up as Lady Gaga. Source: Instagram

As Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride. Source: Instagram

Another Julie Roberts impersonation. Source: Instagram

As the next First Lady Melania Trump! Source: Instagram

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