Australia's most haunted film set

Could this be one of the most haunted film sets in Australia?

Sydney's most haunted film set

Sydney's most haunted film set

The Callan Park mental asylum is the scary backdrop for new horror film Ravenswood and now cast members have revealed some of the supernatural experiences they encountered while working on the Sydney-based film.

The cast of Ravenswood have opened up about working on the haunted set. Source: Ravenswood film

The Callum Park asylum is one of Sydney's most haunted places. Source: Merve Kozak Photography

"We had a crew member refuse to come back to set. I think his exact words were 'You guys don't understand what you're dealing with,'" executive producer and actor Adam Horner recently told News Local.

Meanwhile actress Madeline Marie Dona revealed she felt uneasy filming at the abandoned asylum at night.

"I felt a real sense of eeriness. Most of our shoots were at night," she added.

The new horror film was shot at the facility. Source: Ravenswood Film

Even the cast were scared to work on set! Source: Ravenswood Film

Recently Merve took a series of photos at the abandoned centre. Source: Merve Kozak Photography

The photographer was creeped out by what he saw. Source: Merve Kozak Photography

In the film, a group of tourists visit the empty "Ravenswood" asylum for a ghost tour and it would seem the plot mimics real life, with the building considered one of Sydney's most haunted.

It was first established in 1873 when the New South Wales government bought the building after overcrowding at the Gladesville Hospital for the Insane became an issue.

Originally built to house the "insane population" it treated patients up until 1994.

Photographer Merve Kozak recently went inside the building to take a series of snaps, showing how rundown it has become since it closed.

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With graffiti on the walls and beds and chairs left behind in the facility, Merve wrote that exploring the building isn't something they would do alone.

"Personally, having a belief in spirits myself, walking through Callan Park gave me the critters and is something I would never explore through alone," Merve wrote on the Facebook post.

"While toilets and showers echoed, the hallways didn’t. Sounds from one side of the place weren’t heard on the other side, and it was one hell of an experience to be here for a full day."

The facility's history dates back to 1873. Source: Merve Kozak Photography

It had patients until 1994. Source: Merve Kozak Photography

Creepy! Source: Merve Kozak Photography

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