Ruby 'ignores' Aussie family

She may have taken the name of her legendary godfather, but the family of Lionel Rose insist they "don't even know" Ruby Rose since she became a Hollywood star.

The 30-year-old pays tribute to her famous boxer godfather Lionel by publicly using her middle name instead of her surname Langenheim, however Lionel's wife Jenny says it's been years since she spoke to the actress.

The Aussie family of Ruby Rose say they don't speak to her star. Source: Getty

"I don't even know this Ruby Rose," Jenny said, according to Daily Mail Australia.

"I know of her."

The report adds that it's been over two decades since the Rose family saw the Orange Is The New Black actress, with Jenny saying Ruby was only a child the last time she saw the late boxer.

Legedary boxer Lionel Rose was Ruby's godfather, with Ruby going by her middle name as a tribute to him. Source: Getty

Lionel's wife Jenny and Ruby had a public clash in 2012. Source: Getty

"I last saw her when she was six years old, the last time Lionel saw her she was about six years old," she added.

"The reason we haven't seen or heard from her is her parents split up and Lionel was friendly with her dad."

This isn't the first time Jenny has spoken out about Ruby, having previously engaged in a public war of words with the model in 2012 after Lionel's death.

At the time Jenny accused Ruby of "cashing in" on the Rose name, saying she never called to offer condolences after he passed away in 2011.

"I don't want to be nasty about her - I don't even know the girl. Her dad was a very special mate of Lionel, but after he split up with her mum we never saw her," Jenny said in 2012.

"I have only seen her twice since she was christened. She didn't even contact us when Lionel died."

Ruby hit back saying the allegations were "mean and untrue" on social media.

The actress was reportedly a child the last time she saw Lionel. Source: Getty

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"You know what, thank you guys. Unfortunately like many I have a family where not everyone gets along. However this time of the year marks close to a year when Australia lost an incredible legend. That should be the focus and the inspiration he created. Love you Lionel x," she tweeted in response.

Ruby added that she was ignored by Jenny at Lionel's funeral the previous year.

The star has also previously spoken about her bond with Lionel, saying he was a "huge inspiration" to her.

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