MKR seafood king Josh put to the ultimate test

After having boasted about his expertise throughout the series, self proclaimed “Seafood King” Josh was put to the ultimate test during Sunday night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules.

My Kitchen Rules seafood king Josh is put to the ultimate test

My Kitchen Rules seafood king Josh is put to the ultimate test

“Today your destiny will be decided on the high seas,” judge Manu Feildel told Josh and his wife Amy, as they went head-to-head in a dramatic sudden death challenge against sisters Kelsey and Amanda.

“This could be a massive advantage for us, and we could win this,” Josh said in an initial piece-to-camera, ahead of their intense seafood-inspired cook-off on board a luxury boat.

Josh is typically known for taking charge in the kitchen, but said he would let his wife call the shots this time around.

Josh and Amy were put to the ultimate test during Sunday night's episode of My Kitchen Rules, as they competed in the sudden death round. Source: Channel Seven

“We’re going to be more of a team effort, but mostly Amy’s going to be calling the shots,” he said.

“This is my last chance to show the judges I know what I’m doing when it comes to seafood.”

But in true Josh style, the pressure got to the reality star and before you knew it, tension was brewing in the kitchen between the married couple.

When it came to preparing the tempura soft shell crab for the entré, Josh was very stern with his instructions towards Amy.

The married couple went up against sisters Kelsey and Amanda in the sudden death challenge. Source: Channel Seven

“Move the crabs out of the way,” he said, gesturing with his hands, as his wife tried to handle the crustaceans simmering in the deep fryer.

But Amy wasn’t having a bar of it.

“Josh is being such a bossy boots when cooking these crabs,” she said in a voiceover.

Again Josh told his wife, “Move the crabs out of the way”, to which Amy hit back, “Don’t talk to me like that”. You tell him, sister!

Josh started calling the shots in the kitchen, causing tension between him and Amy. Source: Channel Seven

“Just like our dishes, our relationship in the kitchen is quite turbulent,” Amy then said in a piece-to-camera, and this was only the first of a series of fiery incidents between the pair that night.

When it came to preparing the dessert, Amy hoped her outspoken husband would adhere to their initial agreement; she would be calling the shots.

But Josh just couldn’t help himself every now and then, and it certainly got the better of Amy.

“You should trust what I’m doing… shut your hole,” she snapped at him.

Amy was not having it, and told her husband to "shut your hole". Source: Channel Seven

When it came to judgment time, Josh was still confident that the pair had done well despite their bickering.

“One of us is going home and I know we’ve done enough to stay in this competition,” he said, hoping Kelsey and Amanda get the boot.

“This was an unusual sudden death. You cooked on the ocean in the galley of the Carnival Spirit and that’s what we wanted to see today. Spirit. And of course in sudden death, that’s easier said than done,” judge Pete Evans told the two teams.

This isn’t the first time that Josh and Amy have landed themselves at the bottom of the scoreboard and in a sudden death round, and Josh was particularly keen to prove he really is the “seafood king”.

Luckily the couple still managed to pull of a delicious tempura soft shell crab entree for the judges. Source: Channel Seven

“Josh and Amy, we know you can cook fish now. Tick,” Manu told the couple, and Josh could not wipe the smile off his face.

“That’s what I wanted,” Josh told his wife, but was it enough to keep the pair in the game.

It seems so, because the judges couldn’t hide their disappointment when it came to nervous Kelsey and Amanda’s three courses.

“I don’t think I was seeing Kelsey and Amanda in that kitchen tonight,” Manu told the girls.

The judges confirmed to Josh and Amy that they really can cook seafood well. Source: Channel Seven

“No fun, no joy. Just stress, stress and stress.”

“It was terrible,” Amanda agreed, as the sisters shook their heads in unison.

And when the final scores rolled in, it was a close call, but someone had to go home of course.

Josh and Amy received a combined score of 28 out of 60, while Kelsey and Amanda fell short of two points, with a score of just 26.

The girls were undeniably devastated, yet optimistic as Amanda said, “we tried our best”.

Josh could not wipe the smile off his face. Source: Channel Seven

Meanwhile it looks like the victory has only given Josh the ultimate confidence boost in and out of the kitchen, as he told the judges: “Can’t make us go away Pete”.

Flashing his cheeky grin for the camera, he then said: “At the moment it looks like we’re the team to beat in sudden death.

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“We’ve survived two now. Maybe that’s the way we can get to the grand final, by constantly going to sudden death and beating teams.”

Is Josh’s new strategy a fail-proof way to get him and Amy to the final round? Let’s see what the "seafood king" will bring next when My Kitchen Rules continues at 7:30pm weekdays on Channel Seven.

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