Pete and Manu's 'warning' for Josh

MKR fans may enjoy watching the self-styled “Seafood King” Josh play the villain on the hit series, but the show's judges aren’t as amused.

Pete and Manu 'blow up' at Josh

Pete and Manu 'blow up' at Josh

In fact, the celebrity chefs had words with the WA deckhand, telling him off for the way he speaks to his wife Amy, 26.

WA contestants Josh and Amy frequently clash on the show. Source: Channel Seven

“There were a few blow-ups in front of the camera on a few different occasions,” the 26-year-old told New Idea of the challenging time he's had with Amy on the show.

Admitting that the couple have had their "ups and downs", Josh added that even the judges gave him a stern talking-to. “Even Pete and Manu had a chat with me at one stage and said, ‘You have to realise the show is a small part of your life, but you have a whole marriage together.’”

The judges and other teams have questioned Josh's behaviour. Source: Channel Seven

It’s not just the two chefs that are shocked by the spats between the husband and wife team – the other contestants say it’s “difficult” to watch at times.

Manu and Pete cautioned Josh to respect his wife and his marriage. Source: Channel Seven

Amy gave Josh the finger during one heated spat. Source: Channel Seven

Rival contestant Ros told New Idea that their behaviour was "concerning" and she worries that the pair have deeper, underlying issues to work through.

“I think there have obviously been things in his past that are not good situations," Ros speculated.

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But with the husband and wife team narrowly scraping through their Sudden Death challenge on Sunday night’s episode, the MKR road is only going to get tougher.

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