Bert Newton 'seriously ill'

Aussie legend Bert Newton is ‘seriously ill’ after being hospitalised last week.

Bert Newton hospitalised with pneumonia.

Bert Newton hospitalised with pneumonia.

The 78-year-old television and radio personality, who hosted Bert Newton’s New Faces which ran for 22 years, was rushed to the emergency room in Melbourne and was diagnosed with pneumonia.

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In a segment on The Morning Show, it was revealed that Newton is “Ok” but still has a long road to recovery, with his wife Patti by his side.

Bert Newton was hospitalised last week for pneumonia. Photo: The Morning Show/Instagram/Peter Ford

Speaking on the show, entertainment reporter Peter Ford said Newton is recovering well after the shock.

“Bert has been seriously ill and was in hospital last week battling pneumonia,” Ford said.

“He is on the mend he is now out of hospital but there’s still ongoing testing to be done, still a recovery time obviously.

The 78-year-old is said to be recovering well, with his wife Patti by his side. Photo: Getty

Patti, the kids and the grandkids are giving him some TLC in hospital. Photo: Getty

“He is 78 years old, pneumonia is a very serious thing to have but that’s the reality of the life of Bert and Patti and yes Patti was there at his bedside pretty much the entire time that he was in hospital.”

A picture of Bert in a hospital bed was then shown on the screen, showing the grandpa surrounded by his beloved grandchildren.

Bert, who is a six-time Gold Logie winner, has been married to his wife, Patti, for the past 43 years and the pair are parents to Lauren and Matthew.

Matthew went on to follow in his father's footsteps and decided to enter the world of showbiz and become an actor, while Lauren went on to marry swimmer Matt Walsh and now has four kids.

Bert has one daughter, Lauren (pictured) and a son called Matthew. Photo: Getty

Bert and Patti have been married for the past 43 years. Photo: Getty

In 2012, Bert has a massive health scare after undergoing lifesaving quadruple bypass heart surgery.

“It's brought it home to me, all the things that I've been saying about what men should do, I should have been a little bit more closer to it myself, he told the Herald Sun'' at the time.

"Because I've had some chest pains and I sort of fobbed them off and said, you know, it's indigestion or whatever... and I came in for a check-up because I had some stents in my heart, and turns out it's a little more serious than that.''

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