Brad's mum 'begs Jen' to call him

We always loved the pairing of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston – and it turns out we’re not alone!

Brad's mum 'begs Jen' to call him

Brad's mum 'begs Jen' to call him

Brad’s mum Jane was also a big fan of the relationship, and she’s reportedly trying to push the exes back together again.

Brad's mum Jane (with her son in 2012) is concerned about his welfare. Source: Getty

According to new reports from Radar Online, Jane is concerned about how her 53-year-old son is dealing with his split from Angelina Jolie, and reached out to her former daughter-in-law for help.

Brad has been spotted looking gaunt and sad. Source: Coleman-Rayner

“Jane’s devastated at the state her son’s in, he is just not doing well right now,” an insider told the outlet.

Jane thinks her former daughter-in-law might be able to help. Source: Getty

“She’s begged Jen to please take him under her wing and help him get back on his feet.”

Jane loved the pairing of Brad and Jen (pictured in 2004). Source: Getty

According to the source, Jane is well aware that Jen, 48, is married to Justin Theroux, but still holds out hope for Brad-Jen reunion!

Although Jen is married to Justin Theroux, Jane still holds out hope for a Brad-Jen reunion. Source: Getty

“She believes she and Brad were meant to be together,” the insider spilled. “She would love them to get back together. She loves Jen like a daughter and always will.”

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Recently Be reported that the exes had been in contact as Jen struggled with grief after losing her mother Nancy last year.

A well-placed insider confirmed to Be that Brad and Jennifer "remain friends".

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