Ben ready to 'move on'

With his marriage officially over, Ben Affleck is reportedly ready to move from ex Jennifer Garner and get back on the dating scene.

The 44-year-old is reportedly moving out of the family guesthouse he's been staying in and has even started seeing someone new, according to TMZ.

It's said to be Hollywood's most amicable split. Source: Getty

The outlet reports that while the Argo star's relationship is new, it's not "serious" according to an insider.

Ben and Jen's split could been one of Hollywood's most amicable, with the pair jointly filing divorce petitions last week after first separating in 2015.

They have since been seen looking happy together as they enjoyed Easter celebrations with their three children, daughters Violet, 11, and Seraphina, 8, and five-year-old son Samuel over the weekend.

Source close to the pair say there is no animosity between the two. Source: Getty

Source close to the pair say there is no animosity between them, but Ben's decided to move out of the guesthouse and into a new home to start his next chapter.

However the couple still haven't figured out who gets what in the divorce, as they tried to mend the relationship rather than ending it abruptly.

The insider adds that Jen "deeply cares for Ben" but the stint in rehab was a burden on the family, and feels its the "right time to end the marriage."

TMZ revealed here was no pre-nup in place for the pair, who wed in 2005, meaning everything earned during their 10-year marriage will be split 50/50, however it was Ben who earned the most during their relationship.

In even more proof that Ben and Jen are committed to a civil ending, the case is unlikely to go to court and will instead be handled by a mediator, however TMZ continued, saying that it's believed the couple are still working through a financial settlement.

Ben and Jen looked happy together over the Easter weekend. Source: Splash

Ben and Jen looked happy and relaxed in each other's company over the holiday weekend, with the actress seen laughing and smiling as she chatted with the Argo star.

A source confirmed to People that the Affleck-Garner household would be united over the Easter holiday and would be attending services as a family.

“They are spending the Easter weekend together in L.A. They are having an Easter celebration as a family at their house Sunday,” the source told the publication.

The former couple attended Easter services together with their three kids. Source: Splash

The couple finally filed for divorce last week. Source: Splash

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