Jen's shock 'tell-all memoir'

She's always managed to keep a dignified silence despite the constant rumours surrounding her life, but now Jennifer Aniston is reportedly ready to spill the beans.

Amid the constant speculation around her love life over the years, the 48-year-old actress is getting ready to write a "explosive memoir" detailing her "biggest secrets", according to Woman's Day.

Is Jen about to dish the dirt on her romances? Source: Getty

The mag adds that it was the death of her mother Nancy last year that made the Friends star to consider telling her side of events.

Should Jen decide to put pen to paper it's believed publishers would offer her as much as $14.6 million!

"With her mum's passing, it's been a year of quiet and deep reflection on Jen's part about everything she's gone through," an insider tells the publication.

"The simple fact is, she's getting older. Over the years Jen has been the subject of so many rampant rumours, she may be feeling it's time to unburden herself and set the record straight once and for all."

Insiders say Jen is ready to open up about her marriage to Brad. Source: Getty

Brad and Jen's divorced shocked Hollywood. Pictured in 2004. Source: Getty

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No doubt Jen would be looking to set the record straight about her marriage to Brad Pitt and whether it was Angelina Jolie that spelled the end for Hollywood's former golden couple.

And while Jen has since married fellow actor Justin Theroux, no doubt fans would be interested to hear the actress open up about their marriage with constant divorce rumours plaguing the couple.

Only time will tell whether Jen dishes the dirt or not!

Jen is now happy with Justin! Source: Getty

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