Charlie Hunnam slams ex-wife

Actor Charlie Hunnam has broken one of the golden rules of Hollywood, and that's speaking badly about your ex.

The 37-year-old, known for his lead role in Sons Of Anarchy, revealed that time with his ex wife Katherine Towne, was less than perfect.

The retro couple first met in 1999 during a Dawson's Creek audition. Source: Getty

"First time I was ever in Vegas I got married, which didn’t turn out that well. I had known the girl for three weeks. We had fallen madly in love and it was the first time I had ever been in love." he told the US Weekly in a recent interview.

The Hollywood hunk continued, “We thought, 'What if we never see each other again? Let’s get married and then we’ll have to see each other again even if it’s just to get divorced'. So we came to Vegas, but I couldn’t even get a drink so I actually didn’t think I would be able to get married".

Although the relationship was 15 years ago, the actor still had bad memories saying, “three terrible, painful, expensive years," and that he got the cats out of it at least.

The retro couple first met when in 1999 when they locked eyes at the audition for Dawson's Creek when Charlie was only 18-years-old.

He's now with his girlfriend of 11 years Morgana McNeils. Source: Getty

The actor has been in a relationship with current girlfriend Morgana McNelis for 11 years and he revealed to ET at The Lost City Of Z premiere earlier this month that the Hollywood heart throb could be getting serious.

"It's just a number like any other, but I gotta start having some kids, get married, start being sensible in my life."

Things are looking up for the star.

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