MKR Betty's boob job

As a social media sensation, My Kitchen Rules star Betty Banks does whatever it takes to look fab, and that includes a little nip and tuck as needed.

Speaking to Be, the 27-year-old admits to having had botox and fillers in her forehead and lips respectively, as well as a breast enhancement six years ago.

"I had a boob job done when I was 21, so [it was] ages ago," she reveals. "It was my choice to get surgery at 21. I was very young but I felt like I wasn’t confident in myself, that’s why I got it."

My Kitchen Rules contestant Bettina 'Betty' Banks reveals she had a boob job when she was 21. Source: Instagram

"I guess the botox and fillers, when you get older, you lose volume in your lips, you get wrinkles in your forehead and that’s natural for girls to be inquisitive about cosmetic injections," she continues.

Betty says she doesn't see any issue with cosmetic enhancements, as long as you're doing it for the right reasons.

"[I have no regrets. I think if you can enhance your beauty and still keep it natural, you should be more than happy to do that for yourself," she says.

The 27-year-old admits the cosmetic enhancement boosted her self-confidence. Source: Instagram

She also admits to having fillers in her lips and botox in her forehead. Source: Instagram

When Betty isn't wearing her apron, she's busy posing up a storm in the latest fashion and swimwear trends online. Source: Instagram

"You’re doing something for yourself, you’re not really doing it for other people so that’s how I see things."

While her time on My Kitchen Rules has propelled her fame, Betty has already made a name for herself in the online world, with her beauty and fashion blog and Instagram account.

The fact that she is in the public eye so much, definitely influenced her decision to make changes to her appearance.

Despite what people may say, Betty has no problem with flashing the flesh. Source: Instagram

The Sydneysider flaunts over 41,000 Instagram followers, and describes herself a "social media influencer". Source: Instagram

Her social media pages display an array of stunning snaps, in which she reveals her love of passion, fitness and healthy living. Source: Instagram

"I’m always in front of the camera so for me I felt like a little bit here and there doesn’t hurt anybody," she tells Be.

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"I have amazing nurses and doctors who always keep my beauty natural as much as possible."

Betty is currently competing on the Channel Seven reality show alongside cooking partner David.

My Kitchen Rules airs at 7:30pm on Sunday on Channel Seven.

Betty is currently competing on the Channel Seven reality show alongside cooking partner David. Source: Channel Seven

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