WATCH: Seven Year Switch Kaitlyn's controversial Trump rap

The controversial reality star from ''Seven Year Switch' 'Kaitlyn Isham has shocked fans once again, and this time in a new rap video which surfaced on Thursday morning.

The American beauty is seen dancing provocatively and performs an explicit rap, flashing her bra, shaking her booty and dressed in Donald Trump merchandise.

Kaitlyn seen flashing her bra and shaking her booty. Source: Supplied

She says she wants to be Donald Trump's cheerleader. Source: Supplied

In the comical video the reality star types on her computer, "Dear Diary, today I realised I love Trump!".

She then goes into a rap about supporting the current President on the United States and is seen licking her laptop screen, attempting to kiss her screen saver which is a picture of Donald Trump.

She licks her computer screen of a picture of Donald Trump. Source: Supplied

The blonde beauty wears Donald Trump merchandise. Source: Supplied

She then sings over the top of a Fergie Lady Lumps backing track, "What you gonna do with all that Trump, all that Trump he's like a frump, I'm gonna love love love that Trump, love that trump my Donald Trump."

Channel Seven declined to comment on the video.

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Earlier this week the reality star announced she thought, "All Aussies are prudes," after explicit nude images of the reality star emerged online.

The reality star said "I don't care what people think," Source: Supplied

The 28-year-old blonde went on to say, "I was born to shock, I'm still going to be Kaitlyn and open-minded and say whatever I'm thinking."

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