Justin surprises underprivileged kids in India

Justin Bieber has made a group of underprivileged Indian children very happy after he surprised them on a bus in Mumbai before a sold out concert in Mumbai as part of his Purpose tour.

The What Do You Mean singer took time out of his busy day to greet his young fans and stepped onto the bus to shake their hands and give high-fives, before asking them, "You guys good?".

He performed in front of 50,000 Indian fans in the packed stadium. Source: Instagram

Earlier that day the 23-year-old was seen on the streets of Mumbai playing soccer with some locals, and according to the Hindustan Times, the star gave free tickets to about 100 children, and also provided them with food and drinks before the show".

He took time out of his packed four-day schedule to spend some time with his local fans, who were delighted to see him as she stepped onto the bus. Source: Instagram

Later that day, he was spotted playing soccer with some local boys out in the streets. Source: Instagram

The Canadian-born singer flew in on a private jet from Dubai to India's Mumbai, and is said to stay in the country for four days as a part of his Purpose tour.

India is just one of the many countries Justin is visiting as part of his Purpose tour, with the Canadian singer staying in the nation for four days. Source: Instagram

It's the first time he's been to India but it won't be his last with the singer telling the crowd of 50,000 people, "I will definitely come back".

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