Dan MacPherson: 'I have to put on weight'

He's no stranger to showing off his muscly physique, and fans of Dan MacPherson can expect more of that as he hits the big screen in sci-fi flick The Osiris Child.

Dan MacPherson on losing weight

Dan MacPherson on losing weight

The 37-year-old Australian actor stars alongside Kellan Lutz and Isabel Lucas in the newly-released film, doing plenty of action sequences and stunts as strong lieutenant Kane.

But while Dan "worked very hard" to get the buff look for this movie gig, he admits he may have to put on some kilos in months to come, as a completely different role is on the horizon.

Dan MacPherson chats to Be about getting into shape for his movie roles. Source: Getty

"There’s a potential film coming up later in the year where I play a barrister," Dan tells Be.

He adds: "And I have to go and lose some muscle and put on a bit of weight and get a little bit softer around the edges".

But that's not to say he's complaining about his current frame.

The former Neighbours actor stars in The Osiris Child alongside Kellan Lutz.

"I love the action stuff because coming from a sporty and physical background, it just comes very naturally," Dan explains.

Revealing he and co-star Kellan tried to do as many stunts of their own as they could, Dan says: "It’s a very physical job so in terms of training, we worked very hard and that [diet] was all sort of catered for on set".

Dan reveals he may have to put on some weight for a potential role coming up. Source: Instagram

"We were working out on set and we were eating very well and working very hard at big action sequences and big stunt sequences."

Also commending his famous co-star, known for his role in the Twilight series, Dan says: "He’s a fit guy and if there’s ever a perfect mould for an action hero, that’s Kellan Lutz".

The Osiris Child hits screens on May 18.

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