Khloe caught smoking joint

There's little doubt Keeping Up With The Kardashians has left us shocked over the years, but it's what Khloe had in her hand in the latest episode that has left fans surprised.

While going in for a hug with brother-in-law Scott Disick during a family holiday in Costa Rica, viewers were quick to notice a suspicious looking hand-rolled cigarette in the 32-year-old's hand.

Khloe was spotted holding a joint in the recent episode! Source: E! Network

Now a source to the reality show's production has confirmed to TMZ that it was in fact a marijuana joint!

“Yes, that was a joint in her hand as she hugged Scott Disick. Producers didn’t mind Khloe shooting scenes with it because it was natural — she was having a good time with the fam in Costa Rica, and sometimes ganja happens,” the insider told the outlet.

But don't stress, Kardashian wasn't breaking any laws, with cannabis decriminalised and legal for personal use in the Central American country.

KoKo and Scott hug it out. Source: E! Network

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It's not the first time Khloe has been caught smoking a suspicious cigarette, having been photographed smoking in a nightclub in 2014 with then-boyfriend The Game.

At the time a spokesperson denied Khloe was dabbling in anything illegal saying, "She doesn’t smoke pot or cigarettes. It's a Hookah stick, which is tobacco free. It’s called Phantom Smoke."

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