WATCH: Brad Pitt ponders life

He's slowly been easing himself back in the limelight in recent months, but Brad Pitt took time out to ponder some of life's big questions during a special appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

WATCH: Brad ponders life

WATCH: Brad ponders life

The 53-year-old was on hand to discuss the meaning of life with the talk show host, during a special segment called Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars.

Brad and Stephen talk through life's big questions. Source: CBS

In his first late night talk show appearance in months, Brad joined Stephen on a picnic rug to gaze into the stars during the sketch, where the pair wondered about the universe, afterlife and time travel, as well as managing to take a dig at President Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer and plug Brad's new Netflix movie War Machine.

Giving each other affectionate nicknames, Stephen asks the star whether he believes in the afterlife, to which a deep-thinking Brad admits he's unsure but he "definitely believes in death after life".

Taking a dig at the Trump administration, the Late Show host says he sees "an endless void. No answers. No meaning. No way to construct coherence from the swirling chaos" when Brad asks what he sees in the clouds above, before confessing that the formation resembles Sean Spicer.

The star showed off his sense of humour during the segment. Source: CBS

The actor even plugged his upcoming movie during the stint on The Last Show. Source: Instagram

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Showing off his good sense of humour, Brad even jokes that infinity can be described as "one less than the number of Oceans sequels we'll be making" before losing it and laughing when Stephen refers to him as "Brad-Amir Pitt-In".

In a not so subtle plug for his upcoming movie, the father-of-six asks Stephen whether he would rather time travel to the past or the future, to which he replies he would want to go "next Friday" so he can "watching your new movie War Machine on Netflix".

Watch Brad and Stephen ponder above!

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