WATCH: Shocked Kyle learns of 'secret daughter'

It's the phone call of his nightmares, and Kyle Sandilands was lost for words on Thursday morning when a radio listener told him he had a child. Watch the whole thing play out in the video above!

Kyle Sandilands learns he has a child

Kyle Sandilands learns he has a child

The 45-year-old KIIS FM radio star broke out into a sweat, telling co-host Jackie O: "I would rather be dead than to get this call".

A listener named Caroline rang through to the popular Sydney radio station, pretending to enter the pop quiz before dropping her baby bombshell... but all is not as it seems.

Kyle Sandilands was lost for words on Thursday morning when a radio listener told him he had a child. Source: KIIS FM

"A few years ago you and I had a really, really good night out, it was in 2011," she told Kyle, explaining she'd tried to get in contact with him before, but his manager wouldn't let it happen.

"It's just been a nightmare because it's only been the last five or six months I felt that I really had to tell you that you have a beautiful little girl called Sophie," she continued.

At this point Kyle's eyes widened, and he nervously laughed before uttering, "Right".

Kyle's co-host Jackie O was just as shocked at the start. Source: KIIS FM

Caroline then continued: "She's a beautiful little girl Kyle, but she just wants her dad in her life because I am p**sed off that I've tried to get in touch with you."

At this stage Kyle was really buying into the shock claim he's a dad, and apologetically responded, "Well I'm sorry, no one's ever mentioned this to me ever in my life".

He then suggested the pair speak off the air and "join the dots".

Off the air, Kyle admitting he'd been nervously sweating. Source: KIIS FM

Kyle couldn't hide his shock, admitting: "I've gone completely numb from the chest down. I could actually die right this second".

"That was my worst nightmare, you having a heart attack," Caroline laughed, before deciding it was time to come clean and reveal it's all a joke.

"Only joking... Just lying Kyle," she said.

Kyle has been dating Imogen Anthony since 2012, and joked about how he would've had to tell her if the news had been true. Source: Getty

The radio star was relieved, but still in shock, admitting: "Seriously my arm's got pins and needles in it, I would rather be dead than to get this call".

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Off air he confessed he was excessively sweating, and joked about how the conversation with real-life girlfriend Imogen Anthony would have gone if the dad news had been true.

"How am I going to go home and say, 'Hey babe, you know how we were talking about a kid. Wouldn't it be good to already have a kid that's been through the nappy stage ... surprise!'" he joked.

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