RHOS Nicole squirms when asked about Roxy

Nicole O'Neil has been enjoying the limelight after being cast as one of the very first Real Housewives of Sydney.

She's known as the classy housewife who's an avid philanthropist who keeps busy helping many different charities and attending other social events, even some TV appearances!

Cringe! RHOS' Nicole O'Neil squirmed awkwardly during an interview with The Morning Show this Thursday. Source: Channel 7

However on one television segment during The Morning Show on Thursday morning, the former beauty queen lost her cool.

'I was very cautious': Nicole expertly avoided directly speaking about the incident. Source: Channel 7

She was seen squirming after being probed about her brother Nabil Gazal and PR Queen Roxy Jacenko's infamous kiss last month.

Nicole was wriggling and cringing before skillfully avoiding answering the question and topic all together.

"He has been in the headlines." she said

The mother-of-two continued, "Going into this show, I was very cautious to not drag my family into it. And they were very discerned that I would bring the family into it."

Roxy Jacenko's husband is said to be released next month. Source: Getty

She completely ignored the question of her brother's involvement with Roxy, even after a picture of her brother and Roxy came up on the screen behind them.

"And I was very cautious not to bring my husband's family into it," she added.

It comes after journalist Annette Sharp quoted in Roxy's biography, Blonde Ambition: Roxy Jacenko Unfiltered,claiming that 'some of the members of the Gazal family' felt that Roxy was 'a bit brash' for the wealthy and intensely private family.

Nabil and Roxy were seen last month kissing. Source: Instagram

However last month saw Roxy and Nabil rekindle a flame which we all thought was burnt out!

The Daily Mail published pics of the pair next to a window of the property, taken after they and others returned from a dinner at Bar Machiavelli in Sydney's Rushcutters Bay.

Roxy and Nabil enjoyed dinner with friends before heading back to his apartment. Source: Splash

The friendly exes, who split in 2010 after a "serious relationship", have been seen together several times since Roxy's husband Olivier Curtis was jailed for insider trading last June.

The PR guru's hubby is due to be released from prison in eight weeks, and during his sentence Roxy has been forced to defend her marriage after being spotted without her wedding ring.

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