Jackie O's ex-husband reveals why he left

Jackie O hosts one of the most successful breakfast shows alongside shock jock Kyle Sandilands, and now her ex-husband "Ugly" Phil O'Neil revealed why he left Australia - and his former wife.

Jackie O's husband reveals why he left her

Jackie O's husband reveals why he left her

Speaking with the You've Gotta Start Somewhere podcast, the radio host revealed that the stress of work was the blame for leaving his marriage and the country.

Jackie O is now married to photographer Lee Henderson. Source: Instagram

"It became all-consuming...I had to leave because of exhaustion," he confessed.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the. 18-year-old Jackie first met Phil when she called up his Gold Coast radio station to try and win tickets in 1993.

They didn't wait long to get hitched and by 1996 the couple co-hosted a radio show together.

Phil blamed exhaustion as to why he left the country and the marriage. Source: Instagram

However the strain of long hours and work affected Phil, and he decided to move to London for another radio gig in 1999.

"I got offered a job in London to go and work there and I just needed to get away," he admitted.

It was then that Kyle Sandilands took Phil's spot, which paved the way for the wildly popular Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Jackie and Lee welcomed their little girl Kitty in 2010. Source: Getty

And after years of living in the United Kingdom, Phil came back to Australia, and currently hosts Triple M afternoon show.

Jackie O has been married to photographer hubby Lee Henderson since 2003.

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