Fans furious over cruel Ninja Warrior moment

Fans have slammed Ninja Warrior once again after a deaf contestant was disqualified on a "technicality".

Fans furious over cruel Ninja Warrior moment

Fans furious over cruel Ninja Warrior moment

Paul Cashion's dream of completing the obstacle course ended abruptly after his foot slipped and touched the water while he was crossing one platform to another during the first challenge.

Paul took to the obstacles before he was disqualified. Source: Channel 9

Watch the heartbreaking moment above.

Unable to hear the siren signalling the end of his time on the course, Paul continued to make his way to the second obstacle until his son Josh caught his attention from the sidelines and interpreted that it was over.

Fans took to social media to voice their outrage, demanding Paul be given a second chance and slamming the network's "disgraceful editing".

"Worse television moment I've seen for some time. Your producers humiliated him. Why not edit the part out where his step-son had 2explain?" One Twitter user said, while another added: "#NinjaWarriorAU you cruel bastards, should've given the poor deaf bloke another chance."

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Before heading to the obstacle course, Paul said he wanted to show others with impairments that it was possible to do anything they put their mind to, regardless of challenges.

"I want all deaf people and all people with impairments to see me tonight and think that they can be on the show too," he said.

This isn't the first time NinjaWarrior has been slammed, with viewers not seeming to appreciate was the amount of time allocated to explaining the contestants' “back stories” during the show's premiere last week.

The crowd was left shocked. Source: Channel 9

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