Bachelor's Belinda: ‘I think Matty J has a type’

She was the unlucky fourth eliminated contestant from The Bachelor and now Belinda has spilled to Be on Matty J’s “type”.

Last night viewers saw Cobie snag the second solo date of the week and the second kiss from Matty J.

Bachelor Australia Bachie Bachelor 2017 Matty J Belinda

Belinda thinks Matty J definitely has a 'type'. Source: Channel 10

Bachelor 2017 Bachelor Australia Matty J Channel 10

Cobie and Matty swapped helium on Thursday night. Source: Channel 10

laura and matty j bachelor 2017

Laura got pash number one on Wednesday night. Source: Channel 10

The night before Laura and Matty locked lips.

But does anyone see a common theme here? We certainly do.

Bachelor Australia Bachelor 2017 Bachie Matty J Channel 10

Are we crazy or is there a MAJOR common theme here?! Source: Channel 10

Laura and Cobie both have very similar looks to Georgia Love begging the question: does he have a particular type?

Well, Belinda told Be: “I think he does.”

Channel 10 Bachelor Bachie Bachelor Australia The Bachelor 2017

Belinda reckons Matty does have a particular type. Source: Channel 10

Elaborating further the 34-year-old said: “Essentially I don’t think your type should dictate who you fall in love with. Sticking to our physical type sometimes restricts us and removes us from the people we’re meant to fall in love with.”

Is she talking about her own situation with Matty J? Who knows!

She did tell Be she felt her time was “cut short” with him.

Channel 10 Bachelor Bachie Bachelor Australia 2017 Matty J Belinda

Belinda felt like her time with Matty was 'cut short'. Source: Channel 10

“I didn’t think I got enough time to show Matty truly everything about me,” Belinda admitted.

She also revealed all this year’s drama was real and “what you see is what you’re getting”.

Behind closed doors the mansion was a “very confronting and overwhelming” place for Belinda.

Bachelor Bachie Bachelor Australia Bachelor 2017 Matty J

Does Matty still have Georgia on his mind? His last two dates are VERY similar looking to her! Source: Channel 10

So, how did she cope with all the cattiness and drama?

“I think I coped by just coming into my zen and just trying to let it wash over me,” she said.

Channel 10 Bachelor AUstralia 2017 Bachie Matty J

Belinda was the fourth contestant to be eliminated on this year's Bachelor. Source: Channel 10

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Now she’s out of the mansion will she be looking for love outside of the Bachelor world?

Well now she’s a free lady “it’s definitely a priority for [her].”

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