Tara drops MAJOR spoiler about The Bachelor


She's of the final three girls vying to win Matty J’s heart alongside Elise Stacy and Laura Byrne on The Bachelor, but Tara Pavlovic may have just dropped a whopper of a spoiler.

The Bachelor Australia Channel 10 Tara Matty J

Tara may have just confirmed she DOESN'T win The Bachelor. Source: Channel 10

Tara was chatting on HIT 93.5 Dubbo’s Pippa & Jimi Show and had begun discussing rumours that she had given a waiter named Derek her number when she dropped this clanger: "I ran into him [the waiter] the weekend I got eliminated in Newtown."


The Bachelor 2017 Australia Matty J Tara

Tara admitted she got "eliminated" from the show. Does that mean she doesn't win? Source: Channel 10

Elise is one of the three finalists in The Bachelor and will be going up against Tara and Laura to win Matty J's heart. The Bachelor Australia 2017

Elise Stacy, Tara Pavlovic and Laura Byrne are all vying to win Matty J's heart. Source: Channel 10

The Queenslander was trying to explain she didn’t give him her number in a romantic way but instead let slip she was actually eliminated.

Host Jimi then asks: “Which position did you come in [on] the show, Tara?”

Tara, realising her slip up replies: “I won.”

Did Tara do it purposely to trick us? Or is just actually eliminated tonight or tomorrow on The Bachelor?

Matty and Tara have shared a lot of sweet moments on this series. Source: Channel 10

Jim wne on to probe Tara asking if she was the one who turned down Matty J's proposal.

“Yeah, I was like 'mate don’t rush into it man, just take it easy',” Tara joked.

Earlier reports claimed that Matty J was rejected after popping the question on the finale of this year’s show - an allegation he shut down during a recent radio interview.

Matty J proposal rejected The Bachelor Australia 2017 Channel 10

Matty has slammed claims he popped the question to his lady of choice. Source: Channel Ten

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“I heard that rumour, that one went round. There was no proposal. There was no hidden proposal. It was something that I didn’t think it was the right time to pop the question in that situation,” Matty admitted on Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny Show.

Laura is currently the frontrunner to win Matty J’s heart.

Channel 10 The Bachelor Australia 2017 Bachie Matty J Laura

Laura is the hot favourite to win this year's Bachelor. Source: Instagram / Channel 10

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