Is Sam Frost kissing Home and Away's Brax in new promo?

The latest Home and Away promo featuring Summer Bay newcomer Sam Frost has sent dedicated soap fans into a spin.

Is Sam Frost kissing Brax in Home and Away promo?

Is Sam Frost kissing Brax in Home and Away promo?

While the blonde star frolicking in a bikini is what one immediately notices in the clip, there's so much more to it, as some eager viewers have noticed (watch above).

Sam's character is seen sharing an intimate scene with a male co-star, and fans think it's Summer Bay bad boy Brax, played by Steve Peacocke.

sam frost home and away

Summer Bay is about to get so much hotter in 2018, and it's all thanks to Home and Away's new cast member, Sam Frost. Source: Channel Seven

sam frost kiss home and away

Sam is seen kissing a male co-star in a new promo, and many fans think it's Brax, played by Steve Peacocke. Source: Channel Seven

steve peacocke brax

This is the real Brax played by Steve Peacocke, who left the show in 2016. Source: Channel Seven

That is MAJOR!

But didn't Gold Logie winner Steve leave the show back in 2016?

"Who else has to rewind cause they thought that was brax..." one fan wrote on Facebook.

sam frost home and away

Fans had to do a double-take. Source: Facebook

Another viewer assured they did the same, in fact "3 times!!".

Viewers will remember Steve's River Boy character Brax secretly disappearing from the bay back in 2016, in a bid to protect love interest Ricky Sharpe and their child from his connections to the underworld.

jasmine home and away

The former Bachelorette, who made her debut on the Channel Seven soap during last year's finale week, is seen turning up the heat in the show's new promo. Source: Channel Seven

sam frost summer bay

The blonde beauty, whose character is named Jasmine Delaney, then appears to be a little distracted by a new mystery guy in town. Source: Channel Seven

sam frost bikini

She likes what she sees! Source: Channel Seven

And unfortunately we have some bad news. It's not beloved Brax.

While Channel Seven is yet to announce the name of the actor playing Sam's new love interest on the show, one thing's for sure, a Brax lookalike is on his way to the bay, and we just cannot wait.

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