Gallery: Stars' dramatic weight loss - the men
Gallery: Stars' dramatic weight loss - the men

After what's been months of weight loss, Matthew has now bottomed out at 65 kilograms as filming started on location in Louisiana, New Orleans this week for "The Dallas Buyers Club".

Speaking to HitFix, Matthew revealed the painful process of shedding 17 kilos from his original body weight of 82 kilos.

Matthew McConaughey at his lowest weight currently. Credit: HitFix
"I've lost 38 pounds [17 kilograms]. I feel good now," Matthew revealed. "There's been plateaus, like getting past 170 [77kg] was really hard... Getting past 160 [72.5kg], really hard. But then you fly down to 150 [68kg]... Got down to 143 [65kg] and that's where I want to be."

The actor, 43, also revealed that with age comes the wisdom that "it's 90 per diet." While Matthew did some cardio-based exercise to shed the weight, he said ultimately "it's a matter of how much I eat or how little I eat."

The weightloss must be maintained for the five weeks of filming. But when Matthew starts to eat again, what's the one thing he's hungering for? A cheeseburger.

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