River Phoenix as 'Boy' in 'Dark Blood'. Photo: Sluizer Films
River Phoenix as 'Boy' in 'Dark Blood'. Photo: Sluizer Films

The film, which is described as only 80 percent complete, was shown by its director, George Sluizer, on Thursday, followed by a press conference with Sluizer and Phoenix's co-star Jonathan Pryce.

The film is a post-apocalyptic drama which features Phoenix playing the role of Boy. The 23-year old actor died of a drug overdose just 11 days before filming could be completed.

Phoenix was described by Pryce as 'a remarkable young man' who had an 'old head on young shoulders.'

The film footage was recovered from its insurer just before it was to be destroyed, and Sluizer (80) vowed to reconstruct it (using voiceovers and a re-versioned script) in 2007, following a near fatal stroke. The director then began to gather the estimated 25 percent of footage that had gone missing following the project's abandonment.

Cinematographer Edward Lachman, actor Jonathan Pryce and director George Sluizer attend the 'Dark Blood' Premiere during the 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival. Photo: Getty Images

Its not yet known whether 'Dark Blood' - which has only been shown four times publicly in various versions since it was first recovered in 1999 - will get a general release.

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