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“We’re the Millers”, I have “No Ragrets”.

“We’re the Millers” is an absolute ball-breaker comedy – literally! Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis along with Emma Roberts and Will Poulter star in this satirical raunchy comedy about a drug dealer who conjures a fake family to smuggle drugs over the Mexican border.

So when you combine a drug dealer, stripper, runaway and a virgin together, what do you get? A usual night in Tijuana? Well sort of…

Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter and Emma Roberts don Mexican sombreros

This comedy combines sombreros with dope, witty humour, sex, incest and downright awkwardness. Sounds like your type of thing? Well “We’re the Millers” opens Thursday August 16th.

With Sudeikis as the veteran drug-dealer-now-drug-smuggler, and Aniston as the very sexy stripper, one might think this slapstick comedy would seem a little bit too stereotypical. But, its stereotyping is the gist of the movie. With a lot of snide-y comebacks, politically incorrect jokes, and its overall spunk, the film will leave you in hysterics!

The casting director really hit the nail in the head when he casted the film. Besides the obvious chemistry between Sudeikis and Aniston, Emma Roberts and British actor Will Poulter added their own fuel to fire with their impressive comedic skills and their audacity to do some of those really embarrassing scenes. Poulter, also known as “Eyebrows”, was the epitome of geeky-ness, that we all love to see.

"W're the Millers" had plenty of oh-no-you-didn’t moments, like the sudden improv-rap of the 90’s hit “Waterfalls” by TLC and the raunchy stripping scene with Jennifer Aniston and that pole. Wow!

Aniston goes blonde and becomes a stripper!


But the best oh-no-you-didn’t moment would have to be the full frontal nudity scene with Poulter. The MA+15 film showed a very disgusting enlarged set of prosthetic testicles when a Mexican tarantula bit Kenny in that sensitive area. Poor guy! But hey on the bright side, the 18-year-old virgin did grow some balls!

Emma Roberts relives her “Wild Child” days in the film, as she plays the rebellious runaway, Casey Mathis. The 22-year-old star gushes about her favourite scene in the entire movie to Screen Slam.

“It’s still one of my favourite scenes [Poulter and his prosthetics]. I laughed so hard when I saw it… I was literally crying-laughing in that scene”.

The film goes from hilarious, to heartfelt to absolutely crazy but that’s the beauty of it. “We’re the Millers” is a crass Hollywood comedy about drugs, sex, and family and in a good way!

You’ll have “no ragrets” in watching it!

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