The first Fifty Shades Freed teaser is here

The final instalment in the erotic Fifty Shades series is set to hit screens early next year.

The teaser trailer for Fifty Shades Freed above shows the innocent Anastasia Steele finally making an honest man (sort of…) out of the suave and seductive Mr Christian Grey.

Universal Pictures Fifty Shades Freed

Anastasia Steele makes an honest man out of Mr Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Freed. Source: Universal Pictures

Fifty Shades Freed teaser trailer

Fans can see Anastasia in a long white lace wedding gown to wed her lover. Source: Universal Pictures

Dressed in a lace white gown, Dakota Johnson will play Anastasia for the final time, as she becomes Mrs Christian Grey.

Christian – played by Jamie Dornan – promises to keep Anastasia “safe for as long as [they] both shall live” and declares to her: “All that I have is now yours".

Universal Pictures Fifty Shades Freed

"All that I have is now yours," Christian declares to his wife in the new teaser trailer. Source: Universal Pictures

The couple are seen enjoying in their joint fortune and erotic games which is what the trilogy is known for.

However, of course in the world of Fifty Shades, nothing is ever candy floss and rainbows.

Universal Pictures Fifty Shades Freed

Of course fans are offered some shirtless action of Christian Grey in the trailer. Source: Universal Pictures

Anastasia can't help but check out her lover-turned-hubby either. Source: Universal Pictures

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Catch all the erotic action when the film is released on Valentines Day next year. Source: Universal Pictures

Guns, car chases and the return of Anastasia’s boss Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) will certainly stir the pot to ensure drama ensues upon Anastasia and Christian’s attempt at “Happily Ever After”.

The new flick is set to hit theatres on Valentines Day next year.

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