Josh and Amy’s saucy spat

It’s been revealed that Josh had to be privately warned by judges Pete and Manu about his behaviour towards wife Amy. And after watching Monday night’s episode of MKR, it’s not hard to see why.

In a dramatic incident involving a couple of less than perfect tortillas, Amy point blank threatened to storm out after Josh lost his cool.

“Just figure it out, you’re obviously doing something wrong,” self-proclaimed ‘Seafood King’ Josh shouted after she showed him their dough was coming out of the tortilla presser dry and cracked.

Josh couldn't keep his cool

“It’s obviously you. It’s not good enough!” he hammered in.

“Stop barking orders at me, you’re driving me insane,” Amy snapped back at breaking point, “stop yelling at me or I’m gonna walk off. Get out of my sight!”

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The very public spat comes after Josh revealed he was taken aside by the show’s judges after having “a few blow-ups in front of the camera” with Amy.

“Even Pete and Manu had a chat with me at one stage and said, ‘You have to realise the show is a small part of your life, but you have a whole marriage together,’” Josh told New Idea magazine on Monday.

The tortillas weren't looking great

After narrowly scraping through their Sudden Death round on Sunday night, Josh and Amy had joined the remaining teams for a saucy challenge in Melbourne.

Celeb chef Curtis Stone was called in to task the contestants with serving a protein and sauce dish to the public, with the People’s Choice winners getting the opportunity to see their sauce bottled and sold in supermarkets across the country.

Josh and Amy opted for Peri Peri chicken tortillas, but ran into more trouble when Curtis came over to check on their progress.

A wide-eyed Amy was busy answering the chef’s questions about what they were making when Josh looked over - equal parts jealous and angry.

Jealous much Josh?

“You need to chop all this lettuce and I see you getting distracted and starstruck by Curtis and you just need to keep chopping this lettuce and tomato,” he said in his piece to camera.

When Curtis then turned his attention to Josh, who was grilling chicken pieces, he had some sage advice; take it off the heat now and it will continue cooking as it rests.

Of course Josh followed the professional’s instructions, but after cutting open a piece to check it, he tossed the whole bowl of chicken back onto the grill for another 30 seconds of heat.

Naturally, the judges weren’t at all impressed, and when it came time to taste test, they panned the couple’s protein as “dry” and “overcooked”.

Amy's face said it all

But luckily for the pair, while they definitely had the biggest flare up of the night, they weren’t the only ones who stumbled at the challenge.

Mell and Cyn dumped seven cups of sugar into their sticky caramel ribs, something that didn’t go down well with health-conscious Pete.

To make matters worse, they served their dish on a bed of undressed noodles which Curtis thought were practically inedible.

“Those noodles are horrible!” he said, “I hate to use such a strong word but there is no flavour, they do not belong on the plate.”

Valerie and Courtney's sauce was the stand out

On the other end of the spectrum meanwhile, Valerie and Courtney went for an old faithful with their pappa’s recipe for sweet spiced Anglo-Indian sauce

It bowled over both the judges and the public, and the teary-eyed mother-daughter duo were told their family favourite would soon be sold in supermarkets across the country.

Mell and Cyn weren’t so lucky, and finished the night staring down the barrel of sudden death alongside softly spoken couple Court and Duncan who failed to impress with their overcooked pork.

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