YouTube Royalty Tyler Oakley Named Among Most Influential Millennials

If you want have a career as a YouTuber, there is one man that is showing you how to do it. Mr. Tyler Oakley was just named to Forbes list 30 under 30 as one of the most influential millennials in the world. Tyler has over 8 million subscribers today since posting his first video back in 2007. He is an LGBT activist and has let his fans into his fangirl world for years. He’s raised more than $1million for the suicide hotline The Trevor Project and has said that his YouTube channel gave him the chance to come to terms with his sexuality.

More recently in late 2015, Tyler released his feature length documentary “Snervous,” which chronicled his time on the road meeting fans and performing and showing you life beyond the webcam. He competed on season 28 of the Amazing Race with his bff. Oakley currently has the Tyler Oakley show on ELLEN TUBE -- Ellen DeGeneres’ digital channel -- in essence, Tyler is slaying. It looks like Tyler has climbed the mountain top for YouTubers so the question is what’s next for the man? Will he claim the Peoples Choice Award for best YouTube star? We shall see!

Lets take a look back at Tyler’s top YouTube videos.

At #3, with 10.4 million views its The Boyfriend Tag with Troy Sivan from 2 years ago where Troy and Tyler or "troyler" answer your fan questions as if they were a couple.

At #2, Tyler Reacts to Teens React to Tyler Oakley which pulled in 10.6 million views where Tyler is watching his fans and not-so fans react to his videos, compliments of the Fine Bros.

And Tyler’s #1 video of all time, also from 2014, has a total of 12.48 million views. It’s the Photo Booth challenge feating MirandaSings! It’s the two having fun with the Mac photo booth camera...yep the high quality of YouTube content.